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Website last updated: December 19, 2008

:: Merry (Early) Christmas!

Christmas is just around the corner! As a nice early Christmas present for visitors of, I have scanned high-resolution images of the aforementioned original Twinkle, Twinkle, "Killer" Kane press kit I recently located. You can view them by clicking here.

Additionally, advance reading copies of Blatty's Elsewhere publication (which now appears to have been pushed back to a 2009 release) are beginning to be sent out. I recently won a copy on eBay, and will provide images of it when it arrives. Discuss all things Elsewhere here!

** Update ** - Another Elsewhere ARC has appeared on eBay, this time with an image:

I hope you have a safe and happy holiday break, and a fulfilling new year. God bless.


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:: Forum Re-Opened!

Just in time for Halloween, the official forum is now up and running again. Several modifications and tweaks have yet to be implemented, but, on the whole, it is functionable. Previous members will need to re-register, as this was a complete overhaul.

Please enjoy your stay, and I look forward to conversing with you all!


Posted on October 29, 2008 | Discuss This Post

:: Forum Re-Opening Shortly

In the next few weeks or so, keep an eye out for the discussion forum's upgrade and re-launch!


Posted on October 4, 2008 | Discuss This Post

:: American Exorcist news; more promotional photos

As posted at the American Exorcist microsite, advanced copies of American Exorcist: Critical Essays On William Peter Blatty have been distributed! Very exciting times ahead indeed. Click on the thumbnails below to view larger images:

Front Cover

Back Cover



Additionally, I located several more TNC promotional photos on eBay. Check them out!



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:: Elsewhere news; various other updates

Firstly, 'Stung417' (Bryan Layne), who conducted and provided the interview with Stacy Keach in the previous update, has provided the website with an autographed photo of Bill that he acquired during one of his first-ever interviews. Click on the thumbnail below to view the full-sized image.

Furthermore, the latest news regarding the stand-alone publication of Elsewhere can be found at the official Cemetery Dance Publications website:

Production Status:
Elsewhere has been designed, Alex McVey has turned in the surprise interior artwork, and the final round of proofreading was just completed. As soon as the signature sheets are signed, this one will be ready for the printer!

It appears that the limited-to-52-signed-copies lettered edition has sold out, though the limited edition version is still available. The official cover for the book has also been put online, along with a glimpse of the interior artwork that will come with it (click on the Cemetery Dance link above to view the images). I managed to place all three editions on order - I hope you managed to as well!

Finally, eBay has been quite generous lately, in terms of providing me with lobby cards/promotional images from The Ninth Configuration that I had no idea existed. Here are some of the ones I have purchased so far (the third of which has been signed by Stacy Keach!):

Note the erroneous caption on the second image - Richard (biker, right) was not an inmate.


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:: Stacy Keach Interview

'Stung417' shot me an e-mail with the following link:

It contains a very nice interview with Stacy Keach, briefly talking about The Ninth Configuration, working with Jason Miller and so on. Be sure to give it a read!


Posted on July 15, 2008 | Discuss This Post

:: "AMERICAN EXORCIST" Book  - Exciting News!

"American Exorcist: Critical Essays On William Peter Blatty" is to be published and released later this year; an anthology of critical essays based upon Mr. Blatty's works, compiled by fellow friend and Australian Blatty fan, Benjamin Szumskyj.

Check out the following link at for more information about the publication:

It can be pre-ordered from McFarland Publishing here, or from here.

The essay I have contributed is entitled "Twinkle, Twinkle, "Killer" Kane and The Ninth Configuration: A Comparison," which compares the novel of TTKK, the revised novel of TNC, the film adaptation, and an unreleased copy of the original TTKK script. It also comments upon Blatty's work and the man in general.


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:: Contributions From 'Omar' And 'Charlie Kondek'

'Omar' recently sent in the following e-mail:


I'm a big fan of The Ninth Configuration and I wanted to point you towards a custom poster I made. I'm a graphic designer and do mostly movie posters here in Iceland.

I started a project recently, for myself mostly, where I make new poster designs for my favorite films. The first one was Point Blank and I just finished a poster for Ninth Configuration. And since you are such a huge fan as well I wanted to give you a downloadable copy of it. What you can do is download the PDF file and take it to a print shop and have them print it out since it's 27x40". If you like it that is.
The poster is located here and I included a small jpg version as well.

I know that you are in contact with Blatty himself so if you could maybe let him know about this I would greatly appreciate it. I won't be selling these posters, they are for free for those who want them, but they have to print them out themselves of course.

Well take care man.


I just started work on a Exorcist 3 poster."

Thank you for the e-mail, Omar! The poster is really quite nice:

It's an absolute pleasure to receive e-mails of this nature. Additionally, Charlie Kondek wrote in with the following:

"Ryan, just wanted to let you know I really appreciate your site and it has been a major reason I have really gotten into Blatty's work. I blogged about my experience here:

As I say in this blog post, I am going to read everything the man has written.


Charlie Kondek"

Thank you, Charlie, and keep the e-mails coming!


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:: William Peter Blatty on Hollywood Ghost Stories Documentary (1986)

Located at this URL:

And also embedded below:


Posted on March 27, 2008 | Discuss This Post

:: Updates & Contributions

Rich Savine has been kind enough to supply with a variety of material. You can now find scans of the UK presskit for The Ninth Configuration, UK promotional photos for The Exorcist III and a review of The Exorcist III from Samhain magazine at the following links:

The first of the eight Exorcist III UK promotional photos is particularly of interest, in that Karras (?) is seen standing at the summit of the stairs, whereas every other photo I have seen depicting the staircase has either been vacant, or shows the stunt-man tumbling halfway down.

Please note that the American, French, German and Spanish promotional photos ("lobby cards") can be found here:

Additionally, I have added an alternate trailer for The Exorcist III in rare section of the Legion website. This trailer differs from both the one available on The Exorcist III DVD, and the rare, unreleased "head morphing" trailer. Check it out here:


Posted on March 27, 2008 | Discuss This Post

:: Updates, Or Lack Thereof

Things have been a little slow lately (due to a lot going on in my life at the moment) but rest assured, plenty of updates are on the horizon. In the meantime, a new picture of Bill has been added to the gallery:


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