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Website last updated: November 7, 2010

:: Peter Vincent Galahad Blatty: 4 Years

On November 7, 2006, Bill's son Peter Vincent Galahad Blatty passed away at the age of nineteen. Please take a quiet moment to think about Peter. If you are unaware of his life, you can read comments made by Bill and his wife, Julie Blatty, on the following memorial page:

In the next website update, Bill's first-ever publication, the short story titled "Kismet," will be available to download.


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:: Rue Morgue Magazine Interview!

An interview was recently conducted with Bill in RUE MORGUE Magazine. Thanks to my good friend Angie Moss for providing the scans of the article. They can be downloaded in two parts as .pdf files below:


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:: The Exorcist Blu-ray

I received my copy of the extremely well put together copy of The Exorcist on Blu-ray yesterday.

Here are some images, along with the photo of Bill included, and his one page write-up. It mentions "DIMITER" and the forthcoming release "CRAZY". So fresh and current, I love it!

Incidentally, please feel free to sign up at the forum and discuss all things Blatty-related.


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:: Sneak Peek At New 'Legion' Cover

This update pretty much speaks for itself, so I'll just copy and paste what Bill had to say about this new, upcoming release of "LEGION" here:

"Attached is a sneak peek at the cover of LEGION, to be published by Tor Books as a trade paperback in February. I think it's the best LEGION cover art ever, whether here or overseas."

Click on the thumbnail below for a larger view! It truly is stunning:


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:: Centipede Press Edition Of TNC - First Pics!

The limited-to-200-copies Centipede Press edition of Twinkle, Twinkle, "Killer' Kane and The Ninth Configuration as a single volume is now available - to a certain extent. Jerad from Centipede Press has informed me that some have made it out, but other copies are taking a bit longer to get finished/shipped out. Being the impatient person I am, naturally I grabbed one off eBay!

As a nice surprise, I was credited on one of the first pages for helping to supply the image gallery towards the end of the volume. Click on the thumbnails below for larger images.


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:: William Friedkin To Direct 'Dimiter'?

Here is another recent interview with Bill regarding his next novel "Crazy". He also mentions that "Dimiter" is likely to be adapted to a film and will likely be directed by William Friedkin, who has shown interest in directing it for the past three years:

Feel free to discuss it at the forum here:!



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:: Bill's Recent TV Interview

Here is Bill's recent television interview on "The World Over with Raymond Arroyo," split into three parts. It was broadcast on May 21, 2010. It is an extremely moving interview in which Bill discusses his new book "Dimiter," his upcoming book "Crazy," God, "The Exorcist," and the afterlife. A must-see for all Blatty enthusiasts.

Feel free to discuss it at the forum here:




Incidentally, here is the book trailer for "Dimiter" if you hadn't seen it previously:



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:: 'Elsewhere' Lettered Edition Arrival

The signed, traycased edition of "Elsewhere" arrived today, and, funnily enough, is lettered "XX"; my 25th Anniversary Edition of "The Exorcist" novel is lettered "X". See the pictures below for comparison (click for larger images). Incidentally, it is a very handsome piece!

Discuss "Elsewhere" at the forum here:

Or, go directly to the thread relating to the traycased edition here:!


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:: William Friedkin Interviews Bill Re: 'Dimiter'

William Friedkin: "A Quiet Little Thriller" - an interview conducted by Billy Friedkin with Bill Blatty regarding his most recent release, "Dimiter".

Read it here:

Discuss it at the forum here:


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:: New Forum!

As promised, the new vBulletin forum is now up and running!

Please head on over and register your account:


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:: Elsewhere Lettered Edition; Future Plans

As of yesterday, the traycased, hardcover LETTERED edition of Bill's novel "Elsewhere" have begun being shipped out by Cemetery Dance Publications. It is limited to 52 signed copies, and more info can be read here:

In addition, within the next week or two, will finally be housing a discussion forum/message board once again. The previous one - based on phpBB - was lost when my server crashed a while back. The new software will be vBulletin, so please be sure to sign up and register your account once it is active. The next update here should be regarding that, and, with hope, will likewise be up and running at that time. Thank you for your continued patience.


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:: Smoke And Mirrors Reminder

Again, another follow-up to a previous post from April 15, 2009. As this release only features Bill, I'll be ordering the standard trade hardcover edition.

Featuring original works by Neil Gaiman, William Peter Blatty, Stewart O'Nan, Frank Darabont, William F. Nolan, Joe Hill, Brian Keene & Michael Oliveri, Poppy Z. Brite, Kealan Patrick Burke, Mick Garris, Ray Garton, and Joe R. Lansdale!

Smoke and Mirrors: Screenplays, Teleplays, Stage Plays, Comic Scripts & Treatments
edited by Richard Chizmar

Cemetery Dance Publications is proud to announce Smoke and Mirrors, a collection of screenplays, teleplays, stage plays, comic scripts, and treatments by thirteen masters of horror and fantasy. This deluxe oversized book reproduces the scripts exactly as they were written in the author's own formatting.

Just a few of the highlights include a never before seen comic script from Joe Hill; two rare teleplays from Frank Darabont; an original, never filmed full-length screenplay by Mick Garris; a rare teleplay and treatment by William Peter Blatty; Neil Gaiman's original take on an H.G. Wells' short story; Joe R. Lansdale's stage adaptation of one of his legendary short stories; and much, much more!

This Cemetery Dance Publications special edition is a World's First and there are no other editions planned at this time, so place your order today if you don't want to miss out!

About the Book:
Tales of horror and the fantastic have been told in many ways over the centuries—around the campfire, on the stage, in books and movies, and even on television—but no form is quite so visceral and direct as the script.

Whether it's a stage play, a feature film screenplay, or the script for a classic horror comic, these acclaimed authors aren't just putting black text on a white page. The writing may seem clean and simple at first, but the authors are actually creating worlds; they're luring you into their creations and before you know it, there's no way out. You're part of the story and you have to keep turning the pages until you reach "The End" or "Fade Out."

The big question is: will you survive to see the final curtain call?

Come now, take your seat, and let the show begin. You have nothing to fear but your own imagination.

"The Magic Shop" by Neil Gaiman (teleplay)
"Showdown" by Frank Darabont (teleplay)
"The Ventriloquist's Dummy" by Frank Darabont (teleplay)
"Hell Hospital" by William Peter Blatty (teleplay)
"Faith" by William Peter Blatty (treatment)

"Snowmen" by Kealan Patrick Burke (teleplay)
"Freddy Wertham Goes to Hell" by Joe Hill (comic script)
"Softwar" by Stewart O'Nan (feature film treatment)
"To Fight With Monsters" by Brian Keene & Michael Oliveri (comic script)
"The Joy of Living" by William F. Nolan (teleplay)
"Becoming the Monster" by Poppy Z. Brite (comic script)
"By Bizarre Hands" by Joe R. Lansdale (stage play)
"Hole" by Ray Garton (comic script)
"Jimmy Miracle" by Mick Garris (feature length film script)

Available in three states:
• Cloth-bound Trade Hardcover Edition ($40)
• Deluxe Slipcased and Numbered Limited Edition of just 400 signed (by the editor and most of the authors) copies ($150)
• Deluxe Traycased Lettered Edition of just 52 copies signed (by the editor and most of the authors) and lettered hardcover copies bound in leather with a satin ribbon page marker and additional full-color artwork ($400)

Production Status:
This book is currently being designed.


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:: Centipede Press Edition of TNC Update

Here is a follow-up to the November 12, 2009 update:

Published in 1966, and then extensively revised and published again in 1978, The Ninth Configuration is a fascinating look at madness, philosophy, and the nature of religious belief, the second part of William Peter Blatty’s ‘Trilogy of Faith,’ which also comprises The Exorcist and Legion. Both Twinkle, Twinkle ‘Killer’ Kane and The Ninth Configuration have been out of print for decades, but now they see new light in a handsome edition which combines both novels, with an introduction by Mark Kermode and a brief afterword by Blatty. Heavily illustrated, with two photographs of the author and a gallery of old paperback and hardcover editions.

The hardcover edition is limited to just 200 copies and each one is signed by William Peter Blatty. Bound in cloth with a printed front panel by artist Elixio Flores. This is the definitive edition of this novel. This book is due to be published in about four weeks, and the price below is a special offer. We do not expect it to be available for long.

Cloth, pre-order special, $75

Click the above thumbnail for a larger view.


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:: Special Edition of The Exorcist & Legion Update

This is simply a follow-up post to the November 28 update. Further details have been posted about this upcoming volume on the Cemetery Dance website, including a quote by Bill:

About this Special Edition:
Featuring two classic William Peter Blatty novels in one beautiful volume for the first-time ever, this oversized deluxe special edition will be a must-have for any collector of horror! This incredible collector's edition also includes original B&W artwork by acclaimed artist Keith Minnion and a career spanning interview conducted by Cemetery Dance Managing Editor Brian Freeman, covering Blatty's life and career from the 1950s to the present. Both the Limited Edition and the Lettered Edition are signed by William Peter Blatty and there are no plans at this time to publish a trade edition of this special volume.

A Note From the Author:
"I have for many years envisioned The Exorcist and Legion to be one continuous read, even though the former is a fact-based, clearly 'religious thriller,' while the story of Legion delivers more excitingly on the level of a pure 'entertain-ment.' Never-the-less, it is Legion and not The Exorcist that is by far the more ambitious work in that the demonic homicides that police Lt. Kinderman is investigating are of much lesser concern to him than solving that case of cosmic homicide that for eons, and for so many and for so long, has been the foremost stumbling block to belief in a benevolent Creator, namely the so-called 'Problem of Evil,' to which Legion brazenly offers a solution."

Available in two states:

• Limited Edition of 750 signed and numbered copies bound in a fine cloth and issued without a dust jacket ($75)

• Traycased Lettered Edition of 52 signed and lettered copies bound in leather with satin ribbon page marker ($400)

Click the above thumbnail for a larger view.


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:: 'Crazy' ARC Arrival!

Well, this certainly arrived a lot faster than I expected it to! (far right, click for larger view):



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:: 'Crazy' Advance Reading Copy

As with Elsewhere and Dimiter, the first ARC of Bill's new upcoming novel "Crazy" has appeared on eBay - this time signed! Needless to say, I nabbed it as quickly as I could. Here are the images (click the thumbnails for a full view):

The plot can be read in the second image, though here is a transcription for your convenience:

New York, 1941: Joey El Bueno is just a smart-aleck kid confounding the nuns at St. Stephen's school on East Twenty-eighth Street when he first meets Jane Bent, a freckle-faced girl who seems to know him better than he knows himself. A magical afternoon at the movies, watching Cary Grant in Gunga Din, is the beginning of a puzzling friendship that soon leaves Joey baffled and bewildered.

Jane is like nobody Joey has ever met. She comes and goes at will, nobody else seems to have heard of her, and is it true that she once levitated six feet off the ground at the old Superior movie house on Third Avenue? Joey, an avid reader of pulp magazines and comic books, is no stranger to amazing stories, but Jane is a bewitching enigma that keeps him guessing for the rest of his life - until, finally, it all makes sense.

Rich with the warmth of a bygone era, Crazy captures both the giddy craziness of youth - and the sublime possibilities of existence.

I have also taken the liberty of creating the Wikipedia article, located here:


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:: Fact: No One Dies Alone...

Credit must go to reader Jerome Wybon for pointing this out to me. Here we have an initial poster concept for The Ninth Configuration, up for grabs for a whopping $1,199.00. I adore the tagline! This is the first I've seen of its kind.

It can be located here at

Or externally, here:

Click on the thumbnail below for a larger version.


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:: "Dimiter" Out Now!

Bill's new novel "Dimiter" is out now, and receiving fantastic reviews. Listed below are the differing variations I now own (click the thumbnails for larger images): the original dustcover prototype sent to me from Bill in 2009; audiobook; signed hardcover; advanced reading copy (paperback). Please be sure to pick up a copy!

Bill's next novel, "Crazy," will be released later in 2010, along with the aforementioned limited edition of "The Exorcist & Legion" as a single volume (Cementery Dance Publications), and "Twinkle, Twinkle, "Killer" Kane & The Ninth Configuration" again, as a single volume (Centipede Press).


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:: More TNC Trivia From Bill Blatty

Bill has shared another bit of insight into the production of The Ninth Configuration with readers of Enjoy!

Dear Ryan,

As you seem to have become the repository of all things NINTH CONFIGURATION, I thought I'd share another very odd recollection similar to that of Fritz Lang almost becoming the film's "shadow director."

It's about the time I brought it back to Columbia Pictures close to the start of my film career, and they were seriously considering making it and at their request I took a meeting with a would- be first-time director at his home. We sat in his den and about half a foot from his elbow was the Oscar about what happened next.he'd won for "Singin' in the Rain." Yes. Can you believe it? Gene Kelly! From that moment though my memory fades until the time Columbia suggested Cliff Robertson for the role of Cutshaw right after his big acting win for "Charley." Cliff read it, I met with him, and he said he loved it. But then I found out that when Jerry Ayres, the Columbia chief who called and asked him, "Do you really want Blatty to direct it?" Cliff's answer was "No, not really" and as much as it hurt I pulled the plug.



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:: Updates, Updates, And More Updates!

First and foremost, Macmillian have provided us with a 2:58 clip showing Bill reading the audiobook version of "DIMITER" in the studio. It can be found at the following link, and is also embedded below:


Secondly, in addition to the recent "Twinkle, Twinkle, "Killer" Kane" stage production, a similar project has been undertaken for "Legion". Here is the email I received regarding it:

Dear Ryan,
My name is Charley Sherman and I am the artistic director of WildClaw Theatre Company, based in Chicago.
I am writing to let you know about our upcoming world premiere adaptation of William Peter Blatty's "Legion". The production opens on March 15th here in Chicago at the
Viaduct Theater. It would be great if you wouldn't mind letting the readers of your website know about the show.

Information about our company can be found at our website: 
If you have any questions about the show, please don't hesitate to ask!
And, by the way, a great website you have, it is much appreciated!
Charley Sherman


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:: Another Twinkle, Twinkle, "Killer" Kane Relic Appears

Aside from the Screenpress Books paperback edition of The Ninth Configuration film script, the only other TTKK-related script I own is one that I have seen pop up on eBay about two or three other times. The one I'm talking about, of course, is the one mentioned in my essay included in the "American Exorcist" publication (several scans can be seen on this page, including the alternate opening sequence dialogue:

Moments ago, however, a new variation just popped up on eBay, which I immediately grabbed. I will post more about it once it arrives. Here are images of the script I already own, and the one I just purchased for comparison. Should be interesting to compare, as my copy is from September 1975, and this newly-discovered script comes from November 5, 1964 (prior to Twinkle, Twinkle, "Killer" Kane's original novelized publication in 1966, might I add!).


(My version)

(My version)


(Just-purchased version)

(Just-purchased version)


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:: William Peter Blatty on "Exorcists: The True Story" [Blatty Excerpts]

I have edited together the segments featuring Bill from the 2004 documentary "Exorcists: The True Story" for your viewing pleasure.

Watch it at the following link, or view it in the embedded version below:



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:: Stage Review, Etc.

Please forgive the lack of updates - my hard drive had some problems which have since been resolved, and no data was lost.

Please visit the following link to read a review of the Twinkle, Twinkle, "Killer" Kane stage production:

In addition, a first look at the interior illustrations for the upcoming special edition of The Exorcist & Legion can be seen at the following location on Cemetery Dance's website:

It should also be noted that the 2010 re-release of Twinkle, Twinkle, "Killer" Kane / The Ninth Configuration as a single volume will be limited to 200 signed hardcover copies, as mentioned to me by Jerad from Centipede Press.

The initial cover for it posted on this website back in November of 2009 looked like this:

However, the latest cover (designed by Elixeo Flores, in association with John McKinley for his stage production of TTKK) appears on the current cover image, as can be seen below (click for larger image):

It has been confirmed that the latter image will be used as the cover.

If you do manage to purchase a copy, the cover gallery towards the end of the book includes several cover scans of different variations of the novels provided by yours truly!


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:: Twinkle, Twinkle, "Killer" Kane Stage Production Update

A message from John McKinley (TTKK stage production coordinator) for the visitors of

"I just got back from our preview tonight of the TTKK stage play for a small invited guest audience. It went very well. Tomorrow is the big opening!"

Listed below are several images of the cast, looking amazing. "What do you see?" "A funny old lady throwing poison darts at a buffalo." - "Bison."


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:: Various Miscellanea

Here are various miscellaneous items I have been meaning to add, and have just finally gotten around to doing:

#1 - Three new photos of Bill:

#2 - A new rare photo of Jason Miller from Legion:

#3 - A new rare promotional poster for Legion:

#4 - A (boring) alternative cover for "Dimiter," presumably a placeholder image until the much more eye-catching and elaborate cover was revealed:

#5 - A variety of curiosities gathered up from eBay now and then:

TNC (novel) with original promotional materials

TNC (novel) with original promotional materials (Close-up)

Trailer for Twinkle, Twinkle, "Killer" Kane - text only


Paintings done by Bill's daughter with inscription. I have no idea how these wound up on eBay!

Number two.

Inscription to Bill.


Bill' academy awards card (1)

Bill' academy awards card (2)

A note written by Bill stating that Grace Kelly (on the stamp) was a friend of his.

#6 - The "San Antone" theme from The Ninth Configuration film, if you wish to have an mp3 copy:

#7 - Finally, (and this has also been posted on the Legion section of the site), a shortened, YouTube version of Mark Kermode talking about the lost Legion footage, and clearing up some details about the "spider walk" from the original Exorcist film:



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:: A Note About 'Dimiter'

Bill has forwarded another message to readers of this website regarding his new novel "Dimiter," as well as another novel that is due out in September-October entitled "Crazy," the latter of which is completely new news to me. Lots of releases scheduled for this year!

Bill states:

"I think I owe it to your site members to let them know they should not go looking for either terror or horror in my new novels this year, DIMITER (I'd call a quiet little suspense-mystery thriller, due out March 16), and CRAZY (a total romp) in September-October. I think either one qualifies as my best work, but I want no one expecting terror-horror to be misled, or feel cheated and disappointed as there's nary a spinning head in sight in either work. On the other hand, I expect fans of The Ninth Configuration and Twinkle, Twinkle "Killer" Kane will be more than satisfied. Or so I hope."


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:: Dimiter Review

Previewed today in PW Daily and, a *starred* review of William Peter Blatty’s DIMITER will run in tomorrow’s issue. The reviewer calls it “a beautifully written, haunting tale of vengeance, spiritual searching, loss, and love.” Full text below.

William Peter Blatty. Forge, $24.99 (304p) ISBN 978-0-7653-2512-9

Blatty fans looking for straight-up horror in the vein of The Exorcist will be disappointed, but those with broader tastes will find this a beautifully written, haunting tale of vengeance, spiritual searching, loss, and love. In 1973 Albania, Colonel Vlora (aka “the Interrogator”), the head of a team of torturers, questions “the Prisoner,” who the reader later learns is Paul Dimiter, “an American clandestine agent referred to in some quarters of the world as ‘legendary,’ while in others as ‘the agent from hell.’ ” (Rumor has it Dimiter poisoned Ho Chi Minh while the Vietnamese leader was visiting Albania shortly before his death in 1969.) Dimiter escapes to Jerusalem, where he encounters a number of engaging characters, including a doctor of neurology, a sharp-tongued nurse, and a grief-stricken Israeli policeman. The complicated plot confounds until the isolated pieces of the psychological puzzle that’s Dimiter match up and fall into place, revealing surprising truths. (Mar.)


By William Peter Blatty

Forge Books / an imprint of Tom Doherty Associates, LLC

ISBN: 0-7653-2512-8

List Price: $24.99

On-sale date: March 16, 2010


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:: Ulysses and the Cyclops / A Message from Bill

Happy new year all, and a happy birthday to Mr. Blatty! Two things to kick off the new year with:

Firstly, long-time friend Michael Garrett managed to track down and scan one of Bill's earliest works; an illustrated book titled "Ulysses and the Cyclops". It is credited as "James P. Cullen with William P. Blatty".

The high-resolution .pdf file can be downloaded from the following location: (right-click, save as).

Secondly, if you frequent often for Blatty-related items, you may have noticed that The Ninth Configuration on DVD is now listed with the accompanying text: "This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer". Bill informed me about this recently, though he has since contacted the head of home video at Warner Bros., who have stated that they would be looking into it. Hopefully, this will only be a temporary lack of availability. We will keep you updated on the status of this situation.

Don't forget that 2010 will be filled with Blatty-related releases (see previous posts below), including:

- DIMITER, Bill's new and most personal novel (March 2010; hardcover and audiobook formats);

- The scarce LETTERED traycase editions of ELSEWHERE will be shipped out from Cemetery Dance;

- TWINKLE, TWINKLE, "KILLER" KANE and THE NINTH CONFIGURATION published as a single volume on June 1, 2010, including a long essay by Mark Kermode (hardcover);

- THE EXORCIST and LEGION likewise published as one single, illustrated volume via Cemetery Dance Publications, including an extensive interview with Bill and Brian Freeman (limited numbered and lettered editions available)


- CRAZY, the new novel to be released after DIMITER in September-October.

As always, check back here for all the latest Blatty-related news. 2010 will see the re-launch of the forum, as well as the addition of a bunch of miscellaneous Blatty/Ninth Configuration/Legion-related items and images that I have accumulated throughout 2009.


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