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:: Rest In Peace, Bill

Rest in peace, Bill. We love you.


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:: Some Book Updates

For anyone wondering about their Blatty-related Cemetery Dance / Lonely Road Books orders, here are some updates for you from Brian Freeman:

"The Lost Screenplays set is due out around the end of the year, and here is a link to the June 16, 2016 update about it:

The Exorcist for the 21st Century should ship with the Stephen King book in December."

Furthermore, the Cemetery Dance #62 Special Limited Edition Hardcover Magazine has the following update:

"CD #62 through #66 of the magazine are all going to press at the same time in September, so they can ship by the end of the year. Lots of great Blatty material on the way!"


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Finally, after all these years, it's really happening! Release date is October 25th, and additional special features will be announced at a later date. I guess the lost footage wasn't "lost" or "destroyed" after all, thank God!

If I hear anything else, it will be posted here.


You�ve heard the rumors for months... and they�re all true! William Peter Blatty�s cult favorite THE EXORCIST III will be bearing its cross on a 2-disc Collector�s Edition Blu-ray set from us on October 25th.

Extras (of which there are tons of) are underway and will be announced at a date in Late Summer / Early Fall. The newly-designed front-facing artwork from Joel Robinson you see here is final (not pictured is the reverse wrap image which will showcase the original theatrical poster art.) Early pre-order now directly from us @ and receive a free 18" x 24" poster of the new art (while supplies last) plus early shipping!

We know that the biggest question you might have is: Will there be a �Director�s Cut� of the film? The answer is yes�but with some caveats. We are working on putting together a version that will be close to Blatty�s original script using a mixture of various film and video tape sources that we have been provided with. This is still a work in progress and we will update you with more details at the time we announce the full list of bonus materials.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to remind readers of Bill's TRILOGY OF FAITH, which he actually revised back in 2011 if you missed it. Click the link below to read more:

Dear Ryan,

         While I still have access to a sufficient number of neurons, I would like to use your site to correct a misapprehension that I see still turning up here and there, including on Amazon'sExorcist site, namely that I consider The Ninth Configuration to be the sequel to The Exorcist Did I ever say that? Who knows: I'm almost 84 years old. But I think this misapprehension might well be traceable to Mark Kermode, who long ago named The Exorcist, The Ninth Configuration and Legion "The Trilogy of Faith." Or not. But today  the three of my works I would link together are The Exorcist, Legion and Dimiter. The Exorcist argues for God's existence in a very general way while Legion approaches it in a very specific, evidential way that to a great extent involves  intelligent design. In Legion there is a dream sequence in which the Humphrey Bogart of Casablanca criticizes Lt. Kinderman for leaving Christ out of the equation, to which Kinderman replies that he intends to include him.  Dimiter is the fulfillment of Kinderman's promise. To quote from A Man For All Seasons, "I trust I make myself obscure."


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:: TNC UK Blu-ray

The Ninth Configuration is coming to Blu-ray in the UK with a whole range of new features and unique cover art:

From the Press Release:

From William Peter Blatty, renowned author of The Exorcist, comes one of the most unique and extraordinary films on screen, The Ninth Configuration, a taut theological thriller from 1980, which makes its UK Blu-ray debut courtesy of Second Sight.

This mind-blowing cult classic arrives on Blu-ray and DVD, as well as download and On Demand, on 25 April 2016, complete with a whole host of newly produced bonus features, including brand new interviews with William Peter Blatty, Stacy Keach, and many more.

Deep in a forest of pine trees near the coast of Washington State, stands a secluded Gothic castle, commandeered by the Pentagon for use as a military asylum. Determined to establish the true nature and origin of the men�s mental illness, the Pentagon enlists the services of Colonel Kane (Stacy Keach, American History X), a brilliant, yet strangely unorthodox psychiatrist. With a reserved calm, he indulges the inmates� delusions, allowing them free rein to express their fantasies. But some are wary of the newcomer and his methods. There may be more to Kane than meets the eye, and the insanity escalates towards an explosive revelation.

Written, directed, and produced by William Peter Blatty, this tense and gripping tale mixes theology and psychology and hosts a stellar cast including Scott Wilson (The Last Samurai), Jason Miller (The Exorcist), Ed Flanders (The Exorcist III), and Tom Atkins (Lethal Weapon).

Who is Kane? And what has is he hiding?

Bonus Features:

� Audio Commentary by Writer/Director William Peter Blatty
� The Writer/Producer/Director � Interview with William Peter Blatty
� Confessions of Kane � Interview with Actor Stacy Keach
� The Debrief of Sgt. Christian � Interview with Actor Stephen Powers
� Designing the Configuration � Interviews with Production Designer William Malley
and Art Director J. Dennis Washington
� Killer on My Mind � Interview with Soundtrack Composer Barry De Vorzon
� The Party Behind the Curtain � Interviews with Actors Tom Atkins, Jason Miller,
Richard Lynch, and William Peter Blatty
� Mark Kermode Introduction
� Deleted Scenes and Outtakes


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:: December 2015 Update!

Happy holidays!

Some news. TNC star Robert Loggia recently passed away. Rest in peace, Robert. I also neglected to mention, several years ago, that Richard Lynch also passed. A belated RIP.

And as for the news most people have been salivating about: the Blu-ray re-release of The Exorcist III (aka LEGION), and the missing (supposedly �lost�) footage. All I can say is:

Me: Morgan Creek have been posting some rather cryptic things on their Twitter account with regards to a DVD special release. Can you shed any light on what they may be talking about?

Bill: They are planning a new Blu Ray of �my cut.�

Regarding HOW the missing footage was found, Bill has said that "it�s not clear as yet."


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:: Something Wicked This Way Comes

MARCH 31 UPDATE from Bill Blatty: "SONY has picked up the TV rights to THE EXORCIST mini-series. At the moment, that's all I know."

Happy 2015! Keep an eye out here, as announcements are forthcoming...

Also, a very happy early birthday to Bill who turns 87 on January 7!

Finally, I received this email from a fan, J. Tonzelli, who penned the following in-depth appreciation for TNC entitled "God And The Astronaut" -



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:: Finding Peter News

Dear readers,

Further to the update on November 12, Bill has provided me with the "almost final" cover for the March 30 release of Finding Peter: A Wild Ride In Search Of The Soul.

The latest caption reads:

A True Story Of The Hand Of Providence And Evidence Of Life After Death

Click to enlarge! --


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:: TNC Blu-ray Delays

Dear readers,

It is appears that The Ninth Configuration on Blu-ray has been delayed, though some lucky fans have received theirs in advance. According to Billy, the distributor ran out of stock and have yet to be re-supplied. December 2 looks like our best bet, or thereabouts. Perhaps sooner.

In any case, here are some more pictures of the physical product (click them to enlarge):




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:: Finding Peter: A Wild Ride In Search Of The Soul

Dear readers,

It is my pleasure to provide some updated details on the previously reported upcoming work by Bill, then tentatively titled Not A Horror Novel: A Wild Ride In Search Of The Soul.

The book will now be titled Finding Peter: A Wild Ride In Search Of The Soul, and will be released on March 30, 2015. To remind you, Bill described it as "part funny memoir and part proof of life after death".

Here is a more in-depth product description:

"For those who have lost a loved one to that liar and fraud named Death.

So reads the dedication of William Peter Blatty's "Finding Peter," a deeply moving memoir that tests the bounds of grief, love, and the soul. Blatty, the bestselling author and Oscar Award-winning screenwriter of "The Exorcist," lived a charmed life among the elite stars of Hollywood. His son Peter, born over a decade after "The Exorcist," grew from an apple-cheeked boy into an "imposing young man with a quick, warm smile." But when Peter died very suddenly from a rare disorder, Blatty's world turned upside down. As he and his wife struggled through their unrelenting grief, a series of strange and supernatural events began occurring--and Blatty became convinced that Peter was sending messages from the afterlife. A true and unabashedly personal story, "Finding Peter" will shake the most cynical of readers--and it will remind those in grief that our loved ones do truly live on."

Below are several working covers for the book (click them to enlarge):


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:: TNC Blu-ray and The Exorcist III Shirts

The Ninth Configuration on Blu-ray is now available, though temporarily out of stock at However, it is widely available on eBay. Grab yours now!


Furthermore, have come up with these amazingly well done shirts based on scenes from The Exorcist III. Pre-orders start tomorrow (Wednesday, November 12 @ 10am EST) -


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:: TNC Blu-ray Cover

The cover for the Blu-ray release of The Ninth Configuration has been unveiled!

Hi, Ryan! Don't have a release date yet but attached is the cover for the 9th Blu Ray. I must say I like it.



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:: TNC Blu-ray Release

Dear readers, direct from Mr. Blatty! -

Ryan, a Blu Ray of The Ninth Configuration will be released in October. 

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:: Smoke & Mirrors Finally Arrives!

After a LONG wait, it has finally been released!

Here are some teaser photos of Bill's contributions - the teleplay for "Hell Hospital" and the treatment for "Faith" -


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:: Plethora Of News For 2014!

May 10, 2014 update: Smoke & Mirrors anthology update, directly from Cemetery Dance:

Note: Smoke And Mirrors has long been in production, featuring Bill's teleplay "Hell Hospital" and a treatment called "Faith".


The trade hardcover of SMOKE AND MIRRORS will begin shipping around the end of the month and orders for the Limited Edition will ship later this summer when the slipcases arrive.  If you haven't seen a photo of the slipcases yet, visit this page for one:   

Here is a link to some photos of the finished SMOKE AND MIRRORS book with other books for reference to show how HUGE this book is:


Hello readers!

With a baby on the way in August, updates here have been lacking, though the following should more than make up for it.

Firstly, The Ninth Configuration is being re-released very soon in paperback format with brand new artwork:


Furthermore, directly from Bill (with more info to come!) --

"I've finished a new non-fiction book that's part funny memoir and part proof of life after death. It's called NOT A HORROR NOVEL, A Wild Ride in Search of the Soul. Also, The Ninth Configuration is presently being converted to Blu-ray. Cemetery Dance is planning publication of six of my screenplays [note: listed in a previous update], including my first draft of ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST. We're casting THE EXORCIST play in hopes of a Broadway run. Next week I MIGHT have some word on THE EXORCIST mini-series. I'll tune you in."

Lots happening this year. Stay tuned!

In addition, Bill stated the following when I queried a Blu-ray release of Legion (The Exorcist III) --

"Regarding Legion, Warner Brothers is doing an all-Exorcist package which will include a Blu-ray, though without any features. As for my Julie Kinderman work-in-progress, I've competed about 80 pages that I'm quite happy with and have a single-spaces 35 page treatment to work with but have found it difficult to go back to it inasmuch as it is a pure "entertainment" and I feel I'd rather be remembered for Dimiter, Crazy, and Not A Horror Novel  as my farewell works rather than an excursion into the horror pits. We shall see. how the Muse moves me."

Also, the forums are a little bit deserted, if you would like to join in on (or initiate!) some discussion.


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:: More Book News...

Hot off the plate from Cemetery Dance - this means that The Exorcist mini-series, with Bill Blatty's involvement, has almost been greenlit:

Fans of William Peter Blatty and Stephen King Please Take Note Because You'll Love The Two Exclusive Books!

These two exclusive NOT FOR SALE Signed Limited Editions are...

The Exorcist For the 21st Century
by William Peter Blatty

This brand new Signed Limited Edition will feature an original and never before published adaptation for a new miniseries of Blatty's classic novel, which is considered by many readers to be one of the scariest books of the last century.

We can't actually say much more about this project, other than the current version we have is some of the most compelling 250 pages of screenplay we've ever read and we've read a lot of screenplays!

Why can't we say more? Because the broadcast deal isn't announced yet and it's going to be MAJOR NEWS when it hits. This signed Limited Edition alone should make the Book Club worth it for most of our collectors!

The retail price on this Signed Limited Edition would have been $75 if it was made available to the general public.


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:: Lots Of Book News!

Lots of news regarding the lettered, traycased edition of The Exorcist 40th Anniversary Edition, including images:

"Hi Folks!

I've posted the current production updates from Lonely Road Books on the website's News Page. Recent updates include photos of the Deluxe Lettered Edition of The Exorcist: The 40th Anniversary Revised Limited Edition by William Peter Blatty.

Thank you, as always, for your continuing support!

Best wishes,
Brian James Freeman"

In addition to this, a new anthology has just been announced that is VERY limited:

Five Lost Screenplays by William Peter Blatty!
Five Separate Limited Edition Volumes Housed In One Beautiful Slipcase
A Signed Collectible Set With A Print Run Determined By The Collectors!

Viva Las Vegas, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, Mastermind, Handcarved Coffins, and Demons Five, Exorcists Nothing

This is an incredible project by Lonely Road Books that we think will have collectors talking for years to come because we've never seen anything quite like it before!

William Peter Blatty, the legendary author of The Exorcist, Legion, and many others, has opened his personal library to share five screenplays he wrote at different stages of his career including a first draft of Viva Las Vegas (yes, the Elvis movie!), a version of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest meant to star Kirk Douglas, a screenplay based on an unfinished novella by Truman Capote, another constructed around the idea of a "behind the scenes" look at the making of a film very much like The Exorcist, and the story of a Japanese detective set in Tokyo.

Each screenplay will be bound as its own collectible Limited Edition volume and those five volumes will then be housed in a hand-made slipcase. Each screenplay is an exact reproduction of the writer's work, down to any imperfections in the typewriter he was using at the time. You'll never be closer to these films-that-could-have-been than when you're reading these screenplays.

The versions you will hold in your hands have never been read outside the offices of Hollywood production companies and William Peter Blatty's personal library, so this is a rare glimpse into an alternate film universe that could have been very different from the one we know. There are no plans for these screenplays to ever be reprinted.

Free US ShippingWhen you consider the number of volumes in this set, you're only paying $35 per bound book and these beautiful hardcovers will be housed in a handsome hand-made slipcase to protect your investment for years to come.

Please Note:
We're also offering Free US Shipping via Media Mail for ONE WEEK ONLY, so don't wait to order if you'd like to take advantage of those savings!

How the print run will be determined:
To make this project extremely collectible, Lonely Road Books will only be printing enough copies of this beautiful Limited Edition set to fill the orders placed between October 1 and October 25. If 200 copies are sold, that's all that will be printed, so this could become one of the most collectible special editions ever published by Lonely Road Books. There will only be 52 copies of the Lettered Edition produced and those are being sold on a First Come, First Served basis.

The five volumes are:
Viva Las Vegas
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Handcarved Coffins
Demons Five, Exorcists Nothing

Blatty's notes about the five screenplays:
Viva Las Vegas. How na�ve could I be? My comedic premise was that Elvis was hired as a Vegas casino lounge act because the booker was certain he was so loud and annoying he would drive the gamblers out of the lounge and to the tables. The "Colonel" was not amused.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest was written in 1968 for Kirk Douglas who was to play McMurphy. I met with Ken Kesey and crafted the script to be as faithful to the novel as I could possibly make it, which was not the case with the film made years later with Jack Nicholson. That this script with Kirk in the lead wasn't made is perhaps the biggest heartbreak of my literary career.

Mastermind was a spec script with the lead character emulating my Inspector Clouseau from A Shot in the Dark, the second film in The Pink Panther series. The key to the fun with Clouseau was his sensitive sense of dignity, so I created Japanese Inspector of Police Hoku Fat with that same essence in mind. The new head of ABC Films and his assistant met with me in my office at Warner Brothers to tell me � are you sitting down? � that "Inspector Clouseau isn't good enough anymore. You need a serious theme. We suggest Youth versus Age." With rewrite money and a three month stay in Tokyo where the film would be shot on the line, I replied that I "couldn't be a party to the destruction of my material." I was fired. Worse befell ABC Films: the rewritten screenplay to this day can only be seen on Kuwaiti Airways.

Handcarved Coffins is based on a vaguely plotted, unfinished novella by Truman Capote with Michael Cimino set to direct.  I gave it a plot but Michael wasn't satisfied and my screenplay languishes somewhere in the ether just above Laurel Canyon.

Demons Five, Exorcists Nothing is entirely based on my novel of the same name and is built around the making of a film very much like The Exorcist. I think of both the novel and the screenplay as "A Christmas Carol for Hollywood."

About this Special Collectible Edition:
With an oversized page size and an extremely low print run, these Limited Edition volumes will be printed on a high-quality paper stock and feature a deluxe binding selected from the finest materials available. This stunning special edition set will be a fine addition to any collector's personal library.

Limitation Information:
� Limited Edition Set: signed by the author on a deluxe signature sheet in the first volume, with each volume bound in a deluxe material and the entire set housed in a custom-made slipcase, the print run will be limited to the number of collectors who preorder a copy during the preorder window in October 2013 ($175)

� Lettered Edition Set: 52 copies with all the special features of the Limited Edition, plus a different type of high quality binding, all volumes will be housed in a custom-made deluxe slipcase with a unique closure system ($500)

Stamping Sample

Stamping Sample

Stamping Sample

Stamping Sample

Stamping Sample


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:: More Updates

Regarding the aforementioned release dates of Smoke & Mirrors and the lettered edition of The 40th Anniversary Edition of The Exorcist, Cemetery Dance has said:

"EXORCIST cases should be on the way very soon for the lettered editions.

And then for SMOKE AND MIRRORS... you can keep posted here for updates:"

My copies of the re-releases of Demons Five, Exorcists Nothing and Dimiter have arrived. Regarding the revisions, Bill has stated:

"As for Dimiter, I added in a section I had originally omitted because I had already explored it (my answer to The Problem of Evil, namely The Theory of the Angel), but for this special edition I thought it fitting to restore it. It occurs in dialogue by the one-eyed priest in the cell. With Demons, all I did was soften a bit of unnecessary vulgarity, plus a few things that might have hurt the feelings of my former roommate, [name removed for privacy purposes]. Still, it remains a roma e clef with sixty percent of it being factual recollection rather than fiction."

Also of note, the title Demons Five, Exorcists Nothing: A Fable has been retitled to Demons Five, Exorcists Nothing: A Hollywood Christmas Carol. Images below:

Click on the thumbnails for larger images.


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:: Updates

Howdy all, some updates:

The Exorcist: 40th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray release is scheduled for October.
Details and cover art here.

The four remaining Blatty-related releases on the horizon (that are currently public; there are lots more things to come, including a script version of The Ninth Configuration through Cemetry Dance at some point), include the lettered edition of The Exorcist 40th Anniversary Edition publication, as well as the Smoke & Mirrors anthology, which I previously mentioned includes Bill's teleplay called "Hell Hospital" and the treatment called "Faith".

The other two are revised re-releases of DEMONS FIVE, EXORCISTS NOTHING: A FABLE (1996) and DIMITER (2010) through Centipede Press, limited to 250 signed copies of each bearing new covers and interior artwork:

 - Limited to 250 copies, each signed by William Peter Blatty.
- Striking dustjacket printed on Mohawk Carnival stock.
- Printed endpapers.
- The complete text of Demons Five, Exorcists Nothing, with the author�s preferred revisions and additions, never before published.
- Full cloth cover with front image inset on front board.
- Ribbon marker, head and tail bands, three-piece cloth construction.

- Limited to 250 copies, each signed by William Peter Blatty.
- Striking dustjacket printed on Mohawk Carnival stock.
- Printed endpapers.
- The complete text of Dimiter, with the author�s preferred revisions and additions, never before published.
- Full cloth cover with front image inset on front board.
- Ribbon marker, head and tail bands, three-piece cloth construction.

Finally, here is an interesting interview with Stacy Keach from March that I didn't get around to posting until now -- about The Ninth, of course:



Defying genre to provide a one-of-a-kind film experience, 1980�s THE NINTH CONFIGURATION is a twisted, trippy film experience from the creator of THE EXORCIST. To celebrate a special screening at New York City�s Lincoln Center this week, which will include a Skype chat with star Stacy Keach, Fango talked to Keach about his experiences on the Budapest-lensed production.

Also released in a different cut as TWINKLE, TWINKLE, �KILLER� KANE, the movie was written, produced and directed by EXORCIST scribe William Peter Blatty from his novel (also issued in distinct versions under the two titles). Keach stars as Colonel Kane, the new head doctor at a military insane asylum located inside a remote castle. Chief among his patients is Billy Cutshaw (THE WALKING DEAD�s Scott Wilson), an astronaut who went mad during a moon mission, who begins to suspect that Kane may also be crazy. The supporting cast is as eclectic and eccentric as NINTH CONFIGURATION itself, sporting THE EXORCIST�s Jason Miller, EATEN ALIVE�s Neville Brand, PSYCHO II�s Robert Loggia, MANIAC�s Joe Spinell, NIGHT OF THE CREEPS� Tom Atkins and BAD DREAMS� Richard Lynch. NINTH CONFIGURATION will be shown at Lincoln Center�s Howard Gilman Theater (144 West 65th Street) with Aram Avakian�s END OF THE ROAD as part of a �Stacy Keach in the Bughouse� double feature tomorrow, March 19 starting at 6:30 p.m., with Keach doing the Skype Q&A and ROAD introduced by Steven Soderbergh; go here for more details.

FANGORIA: THE NINTH CONFIGURATION was shot in Budapest�a frequent location for American-backed productions now, but not so much back then. What was that experience like?

NINTHCONFIGURATIONKEACH1STACY KEACH: That was, at that time, still a communist country, and I was told there were frozen funds from Pepsi-Cola in Hungary that were used to finance the shoot. It was great being there, but you know, being in a communist country, you had that feeling of restriction. It wasn�t a very laissez-faire attitude in the streets; there was tension. The communists had very wisely, from their point of view, left all the bullet holes from the Hungarian Revolution in the walls all over the city, so the remnants of that war were still very present. It was an intense time.

We were sequestered, in a way. We all got on a bus in the morning to go to work, and there was security. The only time when we were able to sort of let loose was after work; we�d go to the local bars�and with Joe Spinell and Jason Miller, it was hard to keep up, I gotta tell you! We had a great time. That cast was an extraordinary group of actors, and they were all perfectly suited for the roles they were designated to play. It�s hard to believe that most of them are gone now. I�m in the process of writing a memoir, and we were just going through NINTH CONFIGURATION stories, and I was remembering specifically the bocce games we used to play between takes and in the halls of the hotel as a form of relaxation. Or backgammon. We had softball games�it was a very athletic group of guys, we were all young and active. Good memories.

FANG: Do you have any specific recollections about Miller or Spinell?

KEACH: Well, I love Jason. He and I became very close friends, and as a result of my relationship with him, we did THAT CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON some years later. It was hard to keep up with those guys! I mean, they could put it down. I�m not a heavy drinker, and it was tough to keep up. But every night, we�d go out and talk about film and the world and carry on, and it�s amazing to me that everybody survived that experience!

FANG: With such a varied cast, did you have to deal with co-stars who might have had different individual approaches to acting?

KEACH: Well, Scott Wilson and I had done THE NEW CENTURIONS together, so we were friends and knew each other and were familiar with one another�s acting styles. Everybody had their own way of working, but they were all wonderful film actors. And Bill Blatty was an excellent director in the sense that he wanted everyone to find their own means of expression, but then he would tweak what they came up with in a way that was conducive to what we were trying to do. In my case, he wanted me to kind of flatten things out and make the lines very kind of monotonic�except for the one time when Kane explodes, when he�s in the Nazi uniform and blows up with the red eyes. That was a very different kind of experience, that scene. It was a wonderful piece of direction; he wanted that moment to be so startling, and that�s why he wanted everything else flat before that, so it would come as a shock and surprise, and show a different side of Kane�s nature.

One of the things Bill did that I thought was revolutionary and innovative was, he played the music that had been scored for the scenes prior to shooting them, as inspiration. Barry DeVorzon wrote the music, which was great, and it was a wonderful way of getting into character.

NINTHCONFIGURATIONKEACH2FANG: The whole film has an interesting balance between humor, spirituality and moments of darkness.

KEACH: Exactly, and I think that balance is one of the virtues of the film. I always thought of THE NINTH CONFIGURATION as the flip side of THE EXORCIST. It�s like, THE EXORCIST is about the devil, and this is really a Messianic, almost Christian rendering. It�s ultimately about faith, I believe, and Bill told me once that he structured the story based on the Catholic Mass. I found that fascinating; I never completely understood it, but his theological background is very, very present all through that movie.

[SPOILER ALERT] The big dilemma, the question Bill wrestled with for a long time, was whether or not Kane commits suicide, or if he dies protecting Cutshaw. The ending was changed a number of times. I�m sure you know about that; it has been talked about a lot on websites.

FANG: Well, it has been released with different endings in different media.

KEACH: Exactly. And I haven�t talked to Bill in a while, but I�d be very curious to know what his current feelings are about it.

FANG: There are two versions of the book as well; did you read either one to prepare for the role?

KEACH: Yes, I read the book in preparation. Interestingly enough, Bill wrote the screenplays for both THE EXORCIST and THE NINTH CONFIGURATION prior to the books. He�s very innovative�he did the scripts first, and then the novels.


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:: Another Update From Cemetery Dance

Firstly, a belated happy birthday to Bill who turned 85 on January 7 -- with a full year of releases ahead of him/us!

For regular readers, another update from Cemetery Dance:

Update on The Exorcist limited edition!

"We have big news on the publication date for this title. The slipcases for the Limited Edition will be completed by the end of February 2013. Traycases for the Lettered Edition should be ready in the first half of 2013 as well."


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:: Update From Cemetery Dance

For those with items on order from Cemetery Dance, here is the latest update on several items, namely: The Exorcist & Legion (Traycased); Smoke & Mirrors; The Exorcist 40th Anniversary Edition (numbered); The Exorcist 40th Anniversary Edition (lettered) -

> - Traycased, lettered edition of The Exorcist & Legion [DELAYED],

We should have the traycases in January 2013.

> - Smoke & Mirrors [DELAYED],

Late spring 2013.

> - The Exorcist 40th Anniv. Edition (Numbered),
> - The Exorcist 40th Anniv. Edition (Lettered)

Here is the most recent update:

Thanks for asking!

Best wishes,
Brian Freeman

Cemetery Dance Publications
132-B Industry Lane
Unit #7
Forest Hill, MD 21050

410-588-5901 [phone]
410-588-5904 [fax]


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:: A Smattering Of News

Some news from Bill Blatty regarding upcoming releases. Merry Christmas!

"A smattering of news: The Exorcist play had a most successful (at least in terms of sellout audiences for six weeks) and will now move to London; Tor/Forge is republishing The Ninth Configuration as a trade paperback and will be offering my entire backlog of work in digital form, which pleases me since I feel that my comic novels are probably my best. Oh, well, at least I actually enjoyed writing them; and next year, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Exorcist film Warner Brothers will put out a new high def Blu-ray with lots of new features, including a 40-minutes doc featuring a revisiting the tiny guest house in which I wrote the novel and reminiscing about it, plus some never-before-seen footage of an interview about the 1949 case of possession with Fr. Eugene Gallegher, the Jesuit priest in whose class at Georgetown U. I first heard about it; and, finally, I'm thinking of a plan for a new book for readers who, like you, are searching, and have -- at least for now -- abandoned a terror novel of which I've completed only about 70 pages. It's what they call "an entertainment," whereas the faith book is an apostolic work."

- William Peter Blatty, 2012


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:: "I'll Tell Them I Remember You" Audiobook

Released in 1995 (the book originally published in 1973) and now long out-of-print, and to celebrate the final re-launch of the forums, here, as a gift to you, is the audiobook version (in mp3 format, converted from the original cassette tapes) of Bill reading this moving book about his mother and life after death.

You will need WinRAR to open and extract the files (the first option for most people: WinRAR x86 (32 bit) 4.20 beta 3) from here:

Please right click and hit "save as" on this link to extract and listen! -


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:: Help Bill Help Georgetown

**June 9 update: The forums are now back up and running! Also, look out for audio mp3s of the long out-of-print cassette audiobook version of I'll Tell Them I Remember You up here soon, read by Bill!**

In an effort to bring Georgetown University back to its former glory (which has sadly dwindled over the years), Bill is currently very busy with The Father King Society.

To help Bill help Georgetown, please visit the following website and fill out the petition:

To make contact: [email protected]

Or send a donation via mail here:

P.O. BOX 457
Glen Echo Station, MD 20812

Further information and an interview can be read below:

Georgetown Alum William Peter Blatty Says Canon Law Suit �Our Only Hope�

William Peter Blatty�s 1971 novel The Exorcist�which went on to become an Oscar-winning movie�depicts an epic battle of good versus evil waged under the auspices of the Catholic Church. Reportedly based on a real exorcism Blatty heard about as an undergraduate on a scholarship at Georgetown University, the novel is steeped in Catholicism. Indeed, the �hero� of The Exorcist is the fictional Father Damien Karras, a Georgetown Jesuit, who, at great personal cost, drives out the demon.

Now Blatty, a longtime financial contributor to his alma mater, says that Georgetown is no longer true to the Catholic identity he knew there as a member of the class of 1950. In this interview, Blatty, now retired and living in Maryland, explains why he and a group of other concerned alumni have filed a canon law lawsuit to pressure the Jesuit university either to reclaim its Catholic identity or cease to call itself a Catholic institution.

Here is the full interview:

Q. You have put together an impressive website at, and you�re developing a case under the Catholic Church�s canon law. You certainly look to be very serious about this. How far are you willing to go to return Georgetown to its Catholic roots?

A. To quote from the Georgetown Alumni Song, �Until the sun grows cold.� I am ready to go all the way for as long as it takes, and if something happens to me, other Father King Society members will take the baton. I know that canon procedure can be murky, but I have great faith in the Holy Spirit that churchmen will do the right thing. I have faith, most of all, in the Holy Father. He knows that 21 years of ignoring Ex corde Ecclesiae makes a mockery of our Church and of Christ Himself.

Q. So you must be pretty steamed about the situation at Georgetown to be doing all of this instead of enjoying your retirement with your lovely wife! What motivates you?

A. What motivates me? Love. In the middle of my senior year at Brooklyn Prep, my mother and I lived in poverty, so that without the full scholarship Georgetown gave me, I would likely never have been able to go to college. Every blessing that I have, in particular my strong faith, I owe to my mother and to my alma mater whom I love and want back: beautiful, healthy and, above all, faithful.

I am not �steamed.� I am aggrieved. And I finally came to realize that I have only one more important thing that I can do, and this is it.

Q. I understand that you are an alumnus and have donated generously to Georgetown in the past. Have things really changed so much that you would now publicly challenge the university to return to its Catholic roots?

A. Yes, of course. I considered even asking them to give my money back to transfer to a scholarship fund in my son�s name at an actually Catholic school. The change crept in over many years. It was disguised by talk that sounded right but hid secondary motives.

Even now, Georgetown puts up a Potemkin village. It points to its chaplains, its Masses, its Knights of Columbus Chapter. At alumni dinners, they will make sure there is a Jesuit in a collar at every table, like the floral arrangement. But they refuse to recruit Catholics, and the faculty is now at 20 percent Catholic! Catholic students have to live as if they are in a foreign country, where all around them everyone is treating them like strangers. Just for being authentically Catholic! If we do not all act now we will lose the great universities. I refuse to accept that.

I believe the Church should be clear that our universities are still Church property, and that we should go to court if necessary to undo all the unauthorized legal gymnastics that claimed to transfer Church property to civil corporations. If that does not work, then the Church should be clear that you can�t get club privileges without paying the dues.

Let me speak to the latest scandal, the invitation to Kathleen Sebelius to speak on commencement weekend. Let�s not shield our eyes or mind from the brutal details of what occurs in a partial birth abortion. First, surgical scissors are banged down into the infant�s head, after which the abortionist scrapes it around in order to widen the hole enough so it can accept a vacuum tube, which is then used to suck out the baby�s brains. You know all this? Good. But did you also know that a consensus of pediatric neurologists are now agreed that by 20 weeks � and a few say even as early as six weeks! � the infant not only feels the excruciating pain, but feels it far more than would an adult? As governor of Kansas, Kathleen Sebelius vetoed a bill that would have banned this demonic practice! And a supposedly Catholic university, if not merely a humane one, honors her?

Q. Why a canon law suit? What do you hope will result?

A. I believe it is the only thing that can stop Georgetown in its path. Only firm Church action can save it and make it a great university. It is our only recourse. Our only hope. And not just at Georgetown. I hope alumni from other colleges will contact me for help in submitting petitions regarding their colleges. I hope that Georgetown will see the light and alter its course. At very least, I hope that this action foments a great debate. My friend and classmate, Richard Alan Gordon, used to say that �Debate is a servant of the Truth.� Only evil fears Truth, and only evil would fear debate.

Q. Ultimately, the Church has final authority over Georgetown�s right to be identified as Catholic. Is that the goal of a canon law suit � to take away Georgetown�s identification as Catholic?

A. The goal is simple. It is to do as John Paul exhorted us to do: to preserve for the Church the highest places of culture. We can walk away, but that is not what Christians do. Georgetown will be given a choice: comport with the dictates of Ex corde Ecclesiae or discard your Catholic identity. You don�t deserve it.

Q. What is your timeline for the canon law suit?

A. First our canonists, then our scholars, then the Cardinal Archbishop, then Rome if need be. We will study everything for a few months more, but our brief is essentially written, and there is no lack of evidence. We are very hopeful that His Eminence Cardinal Wuerl will act as Jesus did when he disciplined the money-changers. As I recall it, the Lord knocked over a few tables.

Q. You have asked The Cardinal Newman Society to assist your efforts. Why CNS?

A. The Cardinal Newman Society is the best thing going for anyone who is taking this issue seriously. They have been at their work for almost two decades now and have had an enormous impact. More than anything, I am a big believer in bringing everyone to the same table and getting everyone to work together. I do not know that we could do this without CNS.

Q. And are there others involved?

A. Yes. We are seeking advice from the St. Joseph�s Foundation in Texas. They provide canon law advice. We are getting students at Georgetown excited about this. But I expect that when we are done, tens of thousands will have signed our Mandate and scores of organizations will be by our side. Not to mention the scholars and churchmen.

Q. I�m sure you�re prepared for shallow media references to your success with The Exorcist. But on a serious level, there�s something of a parallel here, isn�t there? Yours is an urgent effort to reclaim what the Church lost in just a couple generations, and many souls are at risk.

A. Yes, yes, there is a parallel. But imagine it a different way. Think of all the souls that were not saved; all the minds that were not awakened over these past two or three decades as Georgetown drifted. Think of the great disservice that we have all done by being silent, ineffectual and comfortable �and doing nothing while the other side organized and took Georgetown away from the Church.

Q. What do you think? Are the scandals at Georgetown primarily the result of ambivalence� disbelief� or is it simply cooperation with evil?

A. All of these. But cooperation with evil is everywhere at Georgetown, if only on each occasion that the administration stays silent in the face of deception and harm.

Q. What role does faith play in this effort for you, personally? Are you spiritually prepared for what might come next?

A. I have prayed on this action for almost two years. I see the Holy Spirit in every step along the path to where we are. And we have allies. We will dedicate our efforts to St. Jude, to the Little Flower, and to Blessed John Paul II, whose personal blessing I was once privileged to receive. Perhaps this will be his miracle.


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:: 40th Anniversary - Another Update

The latest, latest! (P.S. - the website message boards/forum will back up again very soon):

The Exorcist: The 40th Anniversary Revised Limited Edition by William Peter Blatty is being proofread now and we're still right on track for a summer publication date.

Here is the artwork and cover design for the Deluxe Limited Edition:


Here is the artwork and cover design for the Deluxe Lettered Edition:


I'll post more news as I have it, but you can also always email me if you have any questions.

Thanks again to everyone for your support of Lonely Road Books. Keep watching your inbox for more exciting news and announcements.

Best wishes,

Brian James Freeman


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:: 40th Anniversary Special Edition Update

The latest:

The book is designed and being proofread now. We're still right on track for a summer publication date.

As I mentioned last time, originally I planned on having 6 color artwork plates in this special edition, but Caniglia went overboard and turned in 13 (!) color pieces, so I'm breaking the budget and adding all of them to the book.

In addition, Mr. Blatty has provided an introduction and an afterword that won't be appearing in any other edition, so those have been added to the Lonely Road Books special edition as an unannounced bonus.

Finally, there is also a special unannounced bonus for the Lettered Edition customers: because Caniglia turned in so much extra artwork, there will be entirely different artwork on the Lettered Edition's dust jacket.


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:: Centipede Press News

The Exorcist: Studies In The Horror Film is now available for pre-order, and images, contents, etc, can be viewed here:

UPDATE: Please see this Facebook Album for images of copy # 100/100!

Edition Information:

  • Shipping in late February, the hardcover edition is now up for pre-order.
  • The hardcover edition is limited to just 100 signed and numbered copies, signed by editor Danel Olson as well as authors William Peter Blatty, Thomas Ligotti, Michael Arnzen and Thomas Hibbs.
  • Ribbon marker, head and tail bands, fully clothbound with four color image inset in the front board.

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:: Two New Updates

Two new updates regarding publications. The first from Centipede Press:

Studies in the Horror Film

This title will also be available in about three or four weeks. The hardcover edition is signed by editor Danel Olson, William Peter Blatty, Thomas Ligotti, and a few other writers. More information will be coming soon!

The second, from Lonely Road Books and Brian Freeman:

Here is the new update about
The Exorcist: The 40th Anniversary Revised Limited Edition by William Peter Blatty:

Caniglia has turned in all of the color interior artwork, and he really went overboard. The original plan was 6 pieces, but there's definitely more than that here. I'm going to break the budget a bit to include ALL of them. Final count will be unveiled in a future update, but I think our collectors will be blown away.

The book is being designed now and we're moving along at a good clip. We hope to have design and proofreading completed by April and then the book will be ready for the printer for an early summer publication date.

Also, there's a special unannounced bonus for the Lettered Edition customers: because Caniglia turned in so much extra artwork, there will be entirely different artwork on the Lettered Edition's dust jacket.

Thanks again to everyone for your support of Lonely Road Books.  Keep watching your inbox for more exciting news and announcements.


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:: Happy New Year / A Bit Of Sad News

Happy new year! Firstly, a belated happy birthday to Bill Blatty who turned 84 on January 7.

Lots of things to look forward to in 2012, including the STAGE PLAY for The Exorcist and the stunning Lonely Road Books release of the original novel that sold out almost instantly:

"As I mentioned a while back, Lonely Road Books will be publishing a special Limited Edition of The Exorcist: The 40th Anniversary Revised Edition by William Peter Blatty. The book sold out just 30 hours after it was announced, which is excellent for the collectors who managed to snag a copy, and production is moving along smoothly. In fact, today I'm extremely pleased to unveil Caniglia's incredible cover painting for the book, which I absolutely love.

In some sadder news, it is with a heavy heart that I report that the great actor Nicol Williamson, best known for playing Father Paul Morning in The Exorcist III and originally slated to play the role of Kane in The Ninth Configuration passed away on December 16, only being announced today by his son, Luke:

To the fans of Nicol.

Posted in Personal Message at 5:36 am by Luke

It's with great sadness, and yet with a heart full of pride and love for a man who was a tremendous father, friend, actor, poet, writer and singer, that I must bring news of Nicol's passing. Dad died peacefully in the early hours of the 16th of December after a two year all out, balls to the wall struggle against esophageal cancer. He gave it all he had: never gave up, never complained, maintained his wicked sense of humor to the end. His last words were "I love you". I was with him, he was not alone, he was not in pain.

Bill's own personal response:

O, dear God! Too sad! I had great affection for Nicol. And that type of cancer is hideous.
Requisiat in pacem.

For those interested, embedded below is a video of Nicol discussing the topic of death:



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