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    Bill's New Version

    ** October 4, 2011 update: **

    Dear Ryan,

    While I still have access to a sufficient number of neurons, I would like to use your site to correct a misapprehension that I see still turning up here and there, including on Amazon's
    Exorcist site, namely that I consider The Ninth Configuration to be the sequel to The Exorcist.
    Did I ever say that? Who knows: I'm almost 84 years old. But I think this misapprehension
    might well be traceable to Mark Kermode, who long ago named The Exorcist, The Ninth Configuration and Legion "The Trilogy of Faith." Or not. But today the three of my works I would link together are The Exorcist, Legion and Dimiter. The Exorcist argues for God's existence in a very general way while Legion approaches itin a very specific, evidential way that to a great extent involves intelligent design. In Legion there is a dream sequence in which the Humphrey Bogart of Casablanca criticizes Lt. Kinderman for leaving Christ out of the equation, to which Kinderman replies that he intends to include him. Dimiter is the fulfillment of Kinderman's promise. To quote from A Man For All Seasons, "I trust I make myself obscure."

    What we give to the poor is what we take with us when we die.

    The "Keeper of the Ninth"

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    Bills new version is rarely used in our office of zipjob. I don't know what exactly you are talking about but still the Ninth configuration is good source.

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