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    Question Some questions..

    Guys: i think that Bill Blatty is one of the most cogent philosophers of our age. I like his work very much, and have some questions about that.

    In the original copy of Legion, there is, IIRC, a statement about God saying farewell to Lucifer to create the universe. Did I recall that correctly? If this is in fact, there, that makes Mr Blatty the the most astute observer of cosmology since G I Gurdjieff, and that is really something! To put this litte note in the novel, the way it introduces, something very esoteric is astounding to me.

    Since childhood, as Roman Catholic, I have been troubled by the behavioristic teachings and the supression of deeper truths by everyone-well almost everyone, including the early Church and their campaigns against "Heresies" What do you Gentlemen think about this little tidbit in Bill's work? Did it strike a chord?

    I have been in the Gurdjieff work since 1967, and Mr Blatty is the only author I know of, other than G, who has approached the idea of God creating the universe in that manner, and why it was done......


    Dale in Alabama

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