I kind of back-tracked: read "Dimiter" first, then "Crazy," and then finished "Elsewhere" over the course of a few days. I know, I should've read it sooner since it first emerged in 1999, but, you know. Procrastination and all that.

In any case, what a fantastic read! The twist at the end was fabulous, and the themes mentioned, while seen many times before in Bill's work, aren't gratuitous and just add to the atmosphere and whole point of the yarn. The comedy (albeit quite dark) had me chuckling, and I'd very much like to see a film adaptation. I'm proud to own the traycased edition even more now. Bill said that it was originally penned in 1991 and was the idea of a script for... Paramount, I think it was? So this is kind of hot off the heels of Bill directing The Exorcist III. Remember the Kinderman dream sequence in The Exorcist III? That is mentioned and -- well, I could go on, but you'll see for yourself.

Now, go read it!