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Thread: Can I get genuine HP printer driver at 123.HP.Com?

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    Can I get genuine HP printer driver at 123.HP.Com?

    Honestly at this time I am pulling my hair out. Right after setting my HP printer, I am unable to connect it with computer. After doing some research I found that I didnít have printer driver. So, can I get genuine and related HP printer driver at If yes, then please anyone help me out here.

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    If you are facing the HP printer driver problem you can get the solution online here. Thanks for the appreciated and helping update that would help us to learn and explore as well. Keep it up and please do share more helpful time4writing material here.

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    It is very difficult to get genuine things these days. For business cards cheap printing as well, I have seen a lot of scamming. People provide a lot of fake stuff in the world of today, it is sad.

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